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Web & Mobile App Development Company

Web & Mobile App Development Company and Developer in Indonesia. Established in 2009, we are a leading Web & Mobile App Development such as the following web development, mobile apps development. We focusing on building & maintenance UI/UX product for growing startup. Automate business process in establish company.

We design all of our Web & Mobile App Development using the responsive web design approach. Evolving business challenges require technology solutions that are adaptive and scalable as your business grows. At C-AIO, we specialize in delivering custom application development solutions that can automate your business processes and provide a superior ROI to your technology investments.

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web & mobile apps development

We're a Professional Web & Mobile App Development

C-AIO can helps every clients navigate the web & mobile app development through planning, strategy, design, execution, and collaborative. We deliver innovative mobile application development solutions that boost productivity, generate new revenue, and reduce cost.

  • 9 years of IT outsourcing
  • Save your time and let us handle it
  • Cros-devices ability
  • We deliver Excellence

Services in Web & App Development

We provide economical and customized web & mobile app development programming & development solutions that conform to industry standards. Our teams of experienced mobile app developers have extensive expertise in creating handset-resident, real-time applications on multiple platforms.

Some of the Technologies We use in Web & App Development

We always use the most updated and cutting-edge technologies to build outstanding applications whether it be for web, desktop or mobile platform.

ruby on rails

Ruby On Rails

  • It’s consistent
  • It’s secure
  • It provides excellent quality
  • It’s scalable

React JS

  • Reusable Components
  • The Virtual DOM
  • Great Developer Tools
  • Easy to Use


  • Market share
  • Profitability
  • Low barrier of entry
  • Java Programing


  • Xcode 9 supports
  • Swift 4 code
  • Cut the Cord
  • GLKit View Controller

Postgre SQL

  • Legendary reliability and stability
  • Immunity to over-deployment
  • High volume environments
  • Cross platform


  • Makes development quite easier
  • Certain flexible features
  • Help simplify the website
  • Strong PHP framework


  • Awesome User Interface
  • Express Development
  • Supports Multiple Languages
  • Reliability and Stability

Angular JS

  • Supports two-way data binding.
  • Use of Dependency Injection
  • AngularJS is a framework.
  • Provided re-usability
Message From CEO

C-AIO Web & App Development Company

Our passion team is Web & Mobile App Development. Our company consists of various experienced, expert, and creative teams. C-AIO is ready to bring your company to be more developed.

FEBI – Cheif Executive Officer

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Check Out Our Projects!

Some amazing projects from web & mobile app development. Some companies have trusted us as the best and the best developers, the amazing performance of their business growing

What Clients Say?

  • C-AIO are a great Ruby on Rails developer. They have helped us ramp up our codebase from zero to production. The have helped us with valuable development, automated testing, and techinal recomendations. Everytime I don’t have the time and/or the man power to build an app entirely by myself I just contact C-AIO. I have worked with their developers on multiple project always with the same satisfication.

    Bruno Muscholino
    Co Founder OContract Inc
  • One world to describe C-AIO Developer, wow. He is incredible. I’ve found my dream Ruby programmer. He has been a pleasure to work with and i definitely plan on working with him in the future. Not only does he possess great knowledge, optitude, people skills, etc.. he also possesses a great character, i consider myself very fortunate to have found and worked with him. Thanks so much to you, C-AIO Developer!

    Jonathan Brown
    Web Marketing Analyst
  • First of all let me say that it’s a pleasure to work with C-AIO Developer ! So I have recommended you for another project with a colleague of mine.

    Giosone Salati